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At Kahve [Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan, NY].

At Kahve Coffee [Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan, NY]. By Fitzpatrick.

I started a blog today. This blog. I started This blog today!

It’s such a thing, starting a blog. There are so many angles to consider, so many possibilities, so many trajectories down which one can wander… get lost in… and ultimately commit to. And, as with all big things, it wasn’t all created in one day. I suppose the first step was saying out loud, “I want to start a blog.” So I said that one day last month. Then I had to think of a name for it, for you. Am I to address my blog directly? Or am I to address my readers? At this point I have more blogs than readers so here We are, a month later, named and attached to Steps forward!

For those of you [my reader(s), not my blog(s?)] out there who were involved in the “what should Em name her blog” holiday email spam, you will notice I… ignored everyone. I hope that’s not indicative of things to come here at “eliza spelled backwards” though. specifically said in their blogging tutorial that I should be in tune with my readers, engaging with them in a personal manner, sensitive to their reading needs if I’m to “get famous.” I’m also to use a variety of potions like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, ETC. The combination sounds… deadly.

One thing at a time… It already took me all afternoon to sort out the design options and things like Menus, Pages, Themes, and Colors. About the only part that allowed real creative license was the 210 x 170 pixel Header (see above). Fitzpatrick and I designed the dickens out of that tiny space. It’s probably a good thing limits visual creativity on their free sites. Otherwise, we’d never get to blogging!

One of the issues with picking a blog name refers back to my initial concern over Angles, Possibilities, and Trajectories. Everything I thought of just seemed to represent one facet of my extremely multifaceted brain (better read: I couldn’t make up my mind). But usually when you can’t make a decision, it’s because the right opportunity has yet to present itself. I didn’t want to stunt my blog’s growth with an ill-suited name. You don’t casually create sea pickles, hoping you end up with a witty, off-beat mash up of Em’s silliest observations… only to find out you’re barreling headlong down a darkly poetic Keatsian tunnel of transient observations better suited for your second option: writ with water.

When “eliza spelled backwards” popped in my head, it just felt right. It felt like ME. That’s because it is me: Emily Azile. Eliza spelled backwards!

And the rest of my carefully-crafted ideas? They are put to good use in what calls “categories,” the organizational chart of my mind (thanks to Fitzpatrick for the re-routing idea).

So my blog, This blog, will follow my meandering musings as I go on adventures and live to write about them.

If you’d like to continue along with me, we will explore the following Trajectories (and probably get lost):

writ with water: those darkly poetic Keatsian thoughts (and just sort of a catch-all for transient contemplations)

French tips: ruthless reviews of cafes and the coffee within them

sea pickles: arts & crafts ideas, silliness, buttons, string and ??

shadowvox: a collection of perspectives on art I experience (dance, museums, books, poetry, music)

better said: a dose of grammar and vocabulary

neither fish nor bowl: through the lens of my soon-to-be-purchased camera [until then: Fitzpatrick’s iphone]

please pass the pigeon: the latest and greatest from whatever kitchen in which we find ourselves cooking

So here We go: my blog, me, and – hopefully – my readers!



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