Moving Still

We’re moving on Saturday or, I guess a better way of putting it, we’re finally holding still. We have been moving across the country since December 2011 or October 2012 or October 2013 or February 2014 or September 2014… however you’d prefer to count it.

(Click on pictures to view as a gallery!)

And now we count down to Saturday to a comparatively anticlimactic move… but, at least, one that might stick. Earlier today I said to Fitz the rather obvious observation, “We are going up to Northampton on Saturday. And we’re not leaving on Sunday… or Monday… or…”

It seems so simple but… See above.

Are you confused yet? Well here’s the long and short of it. Our stuff is already in Northampton. We took it there in Move #5, about 4 weeks ago.

We are in Sinking Spring, PA. Why? We are waiting for our tenants’ leases to end… tomorrow!

In many ways this staggered approach to moving has been wonderful. …I wouldn’t recommend it — as it’s entirely impractical and, probably, impossible to plan in advance (a three year move?!). But I am thankful for the way our lives have led us to make bold leaps forward while having time and perspective to reflect on what we’re leaving behind.

Our lives are about to shift in dramatic ways, and I feel the rush of wind at the edge where we find ourselves standing. For both our personal and professional lives, Amber Lane will usher in a new understanding and, as I pull on the cloak of this future me, I marvel at all I can’t yet comprehend. Professionally, Fitz and I are headed into uncharted territory and will be NEW and HARD and filled with questions of which neither of us know the answer. But, we will be doing the answering and that right there is the point – of it all! Personally, well… we’ve barely had time to reflect on that angle. A three-year move takes the shock and awe out of (1) what will I actually do once I get there? (2) who will be my friends? (3) where do I get the cheapest and best vegetables? (4) what if I don’t like it as much as San Francisco? … These questions are still valid but they are muted against a background of business planning that is currently all-consuming.

So here’s to Move #6! May it be all we want it to be!


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