Into the Parlor We Go!

We finished our last piece of demolition for the first floor on Friday! While this was definitely a big step, there are so many more to go!

And now, with so much forward momentum behind us, we’re surprisingly at a standstill. This entire project is SUCH a lesson in patience. It’s fascinating actually. And I’m sincerely appreciative of the lessons I’m continuously learning — about taking time, about being flexible with seemingly rigid facts, about being open to new directions, and about keeping focused on the end goal despite the cloud of minutiae framing my everyday vision. It’s much like traveling in India — dancing in China — and riding a 6-gear bicycle 3,000 miles through Europe. Thankfully I’ve done all three!

Here are some pictures to share of the left half of our downstairs, our future Parlor and Art Gallery:

And here are a few detail moments discovered during Parlor demolition:

Now we just have to deal with all that trash…



  1. We discovered hardwood under ours too! Are you planning to keep them?

  2. Yes we are! Our look is “industrial meets Victorian” so we’re exposing as much of the original materials as possible. Just today we took out some amazing tongue and groove bead boards in the same room to expose the joists running behind it. But, don’t worry, we’re going to re-purpose those boards elsewhere!! .. Thanks for reading my blog. Your project looks intense. 🙂 Where are you guys?

  3. That is going to look really cool. We are also going to re-purpose hardwood we found in our kitchen. I’m in the process of making them into butcher block countertops, but I dont know if I’ll have enough! We’re located near Minneapolis MN, how about you guys?

    • Butcher block – that’s a great idea! We want to make a butcher block prep table in our kitchen as well… but, I agree, it will take a lot of wood. The pre-fab ones are really expensive!! …We are in Northampton, MA. Come by for a coffee or juice if you’re ever in the area after we open!

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