For the Love of Reno

We have been at Amber Lane 1 month now.

Have we accomplished anything?

Perhaps. We’ve made a big mess and another one. And we’ve – more or less – cleaned them up. We’ve made several maps, plans, and lists as well as new friends and connections. We have a set routine that involves staying in bed way too late (because it’s warm — and that’s where the business meetings happen), cooking in large quantities every three days, showering every two days, rotating between the “renovation outfit” and the “leaving the house outfit” as required, and going grocery shopping on Saturday nights. Grocery shopping is key for three reasons: (1) getting out of the house, (2) warming up in generously heated public spaces, and (3) taking advantage of free Sunday parking in the lot adjacent to our building. We’ve learned how to make soft pretzels… and crunchier ones. We’ve made lots of holes… and covered up one. We’ve sold a bunch of useless things that other people think are awesome and have constructed a huge list of things to buy that, needless-to-say, heavily outweighs the “sold” list. And we’ve worked quite diligently on creating a warmer space to call home… we switched energy providers (Go Verde!), we re-routed the entire duct system into our kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, we walled off our energy-inefficient (second) front door, we hung blankets for doors where we have no doors, we carpeted our kitchen with discarded office carpet, and have perfected the age-old art of layering (layering tops including the sweater then sweatshirt then down vest look; layering bottoms including pinpointing the best combinations of long johns and pants; layering socks including knowing when to wear two pairs and when to commit to one; and layering hats for even warming of the ears and back of neck)… all of those clothes are worn inside. Let’s not get into what happens when we leave the house!

And it’s all for the Love of Renovation!


We love Amber Lane! … Yes, that piece came out of the wall like that!

Some highlights from our first month:



Safety first!


The couple that demos together stays together!

Here is my Bobo doing what he does best!

Obviously Dangerous or Dangerously Obvious? You decide!

Ah Month One! You’ve been a good one. Memorable, to say the least.


Memorable… and layered.


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