On Thanksgiving Day We Bought a Bathtub

I feel like nothing and everything is happening all at the same time. The days seem to drag but, at the end of each, I pause to catch my breath and realize how much transpired. I look around and see piles of yet-to-be-accomplished tasks; then I look through folders of to-be-blog pictures and realize the magnitude of we have accomplished already. No day is the same. I crave monotonous activities to simply quiet my brain. Every waking moment is a decision — either the lead up to one (the research, the weighing of options, the vicious cycle) or the fall out from one (good or bad). Being your own boss — owning your own business — is a curious lifestyle. I like it. But I’m still getting to know it; we are, as yet, mere acquaintances. I have stopped to wonder, though, why we aren’t prepared more for this kind of life. It seems our society grooms our young to be individuals – yes! – but to, by and large, Follow. You work for someone else. There are far more employees than employers (obviously). There are far more of the Following Masses than the trailblazing entrepreneurs. And I do have to say I understand why! But, to be encouraging (to myself and anyone else out there wanting to jump off the Follow Wagon), every business was started by somebody! Every single business. A person; a group of people; an organization made up of people… however it happened, it was just a Person, just like you or me. And I’m pretty sure at this point, that Person had no idea what she was doing either!

So, on Thanksgiving Day we bought a bathtub.

We bought it from a man named George in Whiting, CT.

George was a gentle man. An artisan. He wore dad jeans and walked with a limp. He gained a bit of weight as he aged but worked hard with his hands and his mind, keeping a sharpness about him that bore the weight well. George had a carpentry shop in Whiting Mills, a renovated warehouse along a creek that housed a plethora of different types of artists and craftspeople.

George took us on a tour of the mill on Thanksgiving morning. A mill tour + a bathtub… all before our delicious Thanksgiving feast. A pretty great day!

(click on pictures for captions!)



  1. I cant imagine how much effort it took to transport that tub. If our floor could support the weight, I’d love to something similar.

  2. Well… in the grand scheme of (lifting) things… it wasn’t all that bad! Actually, finding appropriate faucet hardware has proven pretty challenging! To date, we still haven’t found a good set that will work in our tub / space. Sigh!

  3. Oh man I imagine those must be tricky to find.

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