A Trip Through Demo Land

November ended with a bit more demo, blanketed by a lot of tedious electrical work and the nagging feeling we were missing something.

Something… was… missing…

Was it December’s realization that we would need a second bathroom? Was it December’s understanding that we’d entirely re-design the bar to be in ANOTHER ROOM? Was it December’s gift to Fitz and Emme that we would need to hire a general contractor to babysit us… I mean pull permits and keep us on track?

Ah the naivete of November! The sheer innocence of our first flush of demolition and our sweet dreams of a simple build-out!

Let’s savor those memories together, shall we?

Some last tidying up in the (former) Bar:

Now, taking out the old duct system in preparation for our new rigid spiral duct system. (Note pictures do not exist for the NEW duct system… as it does not yet exist. Interpret as you will.)

Now to the smaller but mightier task of cleaning up the electrical:

In the midst of it all, we still manage to find the occasional “elegant solution”:

And that concludes today’s trip through Demo Land. Anyone still on the ride?


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