The Finish is Just the Beginning

As we finish up 2014, we hardly have time to look back with all the looking forward this project requires!

We just pressed “send” on our design plans to 3 prospective general contractors. I want to say that feels good but, really, it just sets the stage for a VERY elaborate play to unfold in 2015.

So as we end, we merely begin… again.

And as we begin, we are already finding endings:


We may not have our kitchen but we have our tiles!


Looking toward the end… a sneak peak at our kitchen finishes!

And, if nothing else, at least we have this very awesome gingerbread Amber Lane… built to scale in 3-D by our architect himself, my dear Fitzpatrick (dough structure and frosting glue compliments of Baker Emme!).


1 Amber Lane in gingerbread, complete with our 5 roof pitches, gingerbread Fitz and Emme (and all our friends?), and the tree behind our building!


Too fantastic to eat!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Fitz and Emme! Thanks for keeping up with us on this crazy blog. ❤


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