Papa Marzocco Finds a New Home

Did I ever tell you about the time we bought an extra espresso machine?

Fitz’ step-father likes to say “There is no such thing as extra time. Or extra money.” … But, there is in fact such thing as an extra espresso machine. Case and point —> Papa Marzocco.

Papa Marzocco came to us in the early spring of 2014, along about the time we REALLY decided we were going to open a cafe. Fitz, in his earnest desire to get things started, took it upon himself to find our espresso machine. Cafe = Espresso Machine. It would be a 1:1 correlation… we would find the machine, we would succeed! And, as Fitz does, he found an awesome, one-of-a-kind deal that we had to act NOW on. So we bought the machine.

Sooner, rather than later, we realized this machine was bigger than we needed. It was actually a fantastic machine – still is – but was a three group La Marzocco GB5 and we really only need a two group. This just means we can pull 2 double shots of espresso at once instead of 3. And that’s fine by me, as I am but 1 barista.

…So we back-pedaled a bit… found a smaller machine… and now found ourselves in the unique position of owning a very expensive piece of equipment that we did not need.

We proceeded to visit Papa in Denver, CO but not pick him up. That one is hard to explain in just a blog. Let’s leave it vague…

Then, months later, we went back to Denver and actually brought the machine with us to Amber Lane. We lovingly named the 250 pound beast “Papa Marzocco” (always said in an Italian accent). Papa showed Baby Marzocco the ropes… Baby is our smaller, gentler machine. But, other than that, he has served little purpose other than to take up significant, heavy space. We moved him around in circles for 2 months (all 250 pounds) as we ran Tag Sales, demo-ed each room, tore down ceilings, re-did plumbing… all within feet (inches?) of a really, really expensive liability.

Finally, we threw up our hands and said, “We HAVE to sell Papa.”

We always planned to sell him but now it was becoming increasingly urgent. So we did the whole Craig’s List thing… and eBay.. and wrote to local cafe owners… everyone loved him but no one loved him enough. We took turns getting worried. Papa Marzocco brought strange people out of the woodwork. Low ball offers said in earnest, bizarre characters who treat owning cafes like owning baseball cards or Pokemon chips, people who ask way too many questions, people who ask way too little but do manage to ask to have the machine shipped to South Africa… the whole 9 yards.

And then. A simple email. “We’d like to buy your machine. Please call us.”

I called them.

We talked for 30 minutes.

It felt right.

A deal was made.

Hooray! Cash and release of liability! A great success!

Oh and deliver it to Manhattan for $100? Hmmmm… šŸ™‚ Why not?

And that’s the story of how Papa Marzocco found his new home. ā¤


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