In the Shadows of Our Own Device

First things first: we FINALLY received our building permit!

photo 2

Registered our business’ name!

photo 1photo 3

Hired our general contractor!

[not super picture-worthy but definitely worthy of note —> 7 weeks in the making…]

And applied for a loan!


Oh wait, the last bit isn’t as exciting… but, it’s still news, I suppose.

Right —> loan. Yes, so things are turning out to be a bit more expensive that originally planned. To see our vision through to completion, we will need to lean on others for financial support. Our stubborn determination to do it all ourselves is proving to be more of an ideal than a reality. And, with the involvement of others, comes costs and expectations beyond our control. But, in the end, it’s the cost of doing business to a certain extent. The risks we take contribute directly to a greater margin of success and profit down the road. As we unpack the walls and peel back the layers of Amber Lane, we discover blemishes and weaknesses we could not have anticipated but, once uncovered, beg to be sorted out with gentle (expensive) care. The investment we make now to update the building’s mechanicals will pay off for our business and our investment in the property itself. But that romantic and optimistic notion doesn’t mean we can AFFORD it all. Heavens no! So we dig deep in our pockets — in our determination to keep going — in our creative ability to find solutions… and we write narratives, create spreadsheets, fight, cry, make light of the situation, think outside the box, go beyond ourselves, and find a way through the shadows of uncertainty that seem to cloak a straightforward understanding of money… highlighting, instead, the tenuous grasp we all have on this esoteric and maddening concept.

Wish us luck… that’s all I can say right now.

In other news, we continue to chip away at this beast. And we make new friends and new memories all along the way.

Here’s a great example of the kindness of Craig’s List in action. We sold our kitchen (in its entirety) to Grace and Dave. Now Grace and Dave are wonderful new friends. And we removed our kitchen from Amber Lane without a single piece going to the landfill. It’s a win-win, really. Let’s see how it all went down:

Whew! That was quite a feat!

A week later we visited Dave and Grace at their home in Feeding Hills, a small town outside Agawam. Massachusetts has some weird town names, that’s for sure. We went over to meet their menagerie of pets (detailed in a previous post!) and, also, to consider their wood stove for Amber Lane. It proved too complicated but, as a consolation prize, we received a ton of free tiles from their bathroom. These will be PERFECT at Curio!


A gorgeous arabesque tile in blue, white, and yellowish tan.

And another piece slides into place in this wild and unpredictable puzzle.


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