What’s Done is… UnDone

Where to begin?

Probably not where we did.

But I guess it’s not too interesting to dwell on what we didn’t do (should have done?)… it’s unclear, really. Hindsight isn’t 20/20. Hindsight (especially other people’s reactionary hindsight) is another blurry look through another colored glass. “Well if you had just…” “Oh you didn’t do…” “If you had only…” Mmmmmm…. I purse my lips and take a deep breath. I have the answer to your myopic observations. But, in telling you, I only bury myself further from progress… Suffice it say, Fitz and I – in our own little way – definitely thought this through… endlessly. Ask anyone we know. We both suffer from an acute ability to over-analyze, especially situations involving money. So this wasn’t rash. Or whimsical.

But, then again, I say — with a twinkle in my eye – it IS… it’s ever so deliciously rash and whimsical. Because, if building this cafe from the ground up with little institutional knowledge of commercial build outs or small town bureaucracy or Massachusetts union pull was something we’d entirely, 100% thought through… well, we’d never have begun. We’d still be biking in Europe or on a cruise or dancing and dreaming in San Francisco… anywhere but here. We’re here because of and despite our naivete. So thank god for innocence. Without it, there would be no small business in this country. This country of red tape and hoops.

In summary: in my next life I will be a plumber… in Massachusetts.

That aside, I am so sadly behind in posts! Yikes! I don’t know why. Nothing is happening here. Seriously. We aren’t doing anything. Thus the bitterness. Bitter cold —> No progress —> Bitter Emme.

One time, when we were doing stuff, we did this:


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