In Like a Lion

I am beyond thrilled to report we have FINALLY started the build out.

Yes, it’s March 1. Yes, we are incredibly behind schedule. But, what can I say? Things take the amount of time they’re supposed to… not a minute more or less. If we’d rushed the last 2 1/2 months we’d be in an entirely different place with our understanding of the layout and our finishes. The clarity we have today will ensure a smoother build out, with less hiccups and “re-do” moments along the way. That being said, we have a heck of a lot of work ahead of us. Ohmygod. The variety of tasks is what’s perhaps the most staggering. We are pinning down details and scheduling with contractors one minute — demo-ing a wall the next — finalizing tile choices — sending our logo to our lawyer for trademark comments — meeting with business people in town about our Parklet — running to Starbucks to stay warm — calling vendors — searching eBay for missing fixtures.

And now, on top of not having a shower (since mid-December), a kitchen (since mid-January), substantial heat (since mid-November), we can add no water… or drains (read: toilet) to the list of “Reasons Why Emme and Fitz Should Have Rented An Apartment… But By The Time They Realized This It Was Too Late.” The water went off this morning about 9:30am. It won’t go back on for… awhile.

Storing up!

Storing up!

Moments later the water was off… the water heater was drained… and Joe the Plumber had dismantled our perfectly fine ABS plumbing system in preparation for commercial cast iron. Ah, bureaucracy.

So, yes, March comes roaring in like a lion… It may be Joe the Plumber’s booming voice at 8:15am, “Emmy, are you ready for this?! I’m so fired up!” as he carries in tools and bounds up the stairs with the continual energy of someone half his age. It may be the 6 inches of snow falling outside right now. It may just be pressing hope surrounding that glimmer of light at the end of this crazy tunnel.

… Speaking of crazy, it’s about time to get caught up on pictures again. We have so many albums of projects in the queue that I need to just start sharing them here. Tonight, in honor of March’s tangled lion mane, let’s reflect on the beastliest project to date: the removal of our kitchen tile.

It’s all in the past now though… (kind of) and everything’s ok! Now we’re onto plumbing and choosing tile for the Bar. I can’t wait for the lamb at the end. Maybe by then we’ll have heat, a kitchen, running water, and a shower. Maybe!


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