Snow Daze

Today I scrubbed our ceiling for 8.5 hours… that’s not including breaks. Yesterday for 3 hours. This is on the heels of 2 other passes… the first was with a long handled broom, sweeping out cobwebs and dirt. The second was with a small hand broom on a ladder, followed by a wet rag. For the last 2 days (11.5 hours), I went board by board with a squirt bottle and wire brush scrubbing the wood… followed by the squirt bottle and a rag. I’m happy to report I’m DONE. The ceiling is officially clean!

All my work was preceded by Fitz’ own stab at insanity… starting with removing the tongue and groove boards in December, board by board with a hammer. After that, he made several passes removing all nails from the ceiling and let me tell you, that ceiling was nailed with conviction and obsessive repetition. Every time he finished, he felt he’d gotten all the nails… but no! Never! In fact, even today we were still finding nails to remove!

Tomorrow we seal it with polyurethane. It might seem a bit preemptive to be sealing the ceiling with so much building left to do… but there are a lot of components that require it sealed. So we might as well get it out of the way. Fitz said he likes to work top down… I get that. But, I did feel a little silly cleaning the boards with dust from a saw being kicked up feet away. I guess the point isn’t to have a perfect ceiling — but just a functional one so we can move onto the next project. Besides there will be a lot of surprises going on with the ceiling that will hide any imperfections – stay tuned to find out what we’re putting up there! 🙂

Today was suspiciously warm. It did snow. But then, later, it was really sunny and melty — so exciting! We both feel so much more productive when the weather is in our favor. (I am taking note for future projects!)

Before all the white stuff disappears, let’s make sure we do this winter some justice in photo form.

Yep, all that happened.

But, spring IS coming. In honor of the warmest day in the last few months, last weekend we took our awning off the side of the building… revealing Amber Lane in all her glory! And… letting in some much needed SUN!

Time to go rest my aching shoulders… before we do it all again tomorrow! Cheers!


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