The Moving of Commie Fridge

In December we bought at 260 pound commercial fridge (Editor’s Note: Fitz and I just spent 5 minutes arguing about how much the fridge weighs – suffice it to say the “fish” is Big but not Too Big but really frickin’ Big nonetheless…).

This refrigeration unit will be a blessing – future tense – but in the present tense and very much in the past tense it has been simply annoying. And Big.

We almost couldn’t fit it into our building when we brought it back from NYC.

And then we REALLY almost couldn’t get it upstairs to the commercial kitchen.

For a long time, it just sort of kicked around the Espresso Bar area… taking up (lots) of space and proving to be a (big) nuisance when needing to be moved. It was placed vertically… and horizontally… on plywood… tarped and untarped… it was the counter for all the electrical materials for a couple of months… E.T.C.

Finally, the planets aligned and it was time to move Commie Fridge upstairs. But a few problems immediately presented themselves… There are but 2 mice running around this little track and maybe – just maybe – this particular “schlep of large items” tips the scale. Now, of course, we didn’t determine this until after we TRIED to move it upstairs by ourselves. Somehow Fitz convinced me to try… we did… and we might actually have made it if the stairs themselves hadn’t gotten in the way.


Yes. The stairs. We considered a few different options, namely a “come-along” system – with belts and a crank along the stairs themselves… a lift that would carry the unit from outside, up onto the fire escape, and into the property… OR… taking the stairs off and hoping for the best.

We chose taking the stairs off, adding a 300+ pound man into the equation to offset the insanity, and testing the durability and versatility of… our luck.

Success! After we got it to the top of the stairs, we called it quits. That was, in and of itself, enough of a feat for one day. But, as things go around here, a day turned into several days… as we climbed around the marooned fridge wallowing at the top of our stairs. Enough is enough though and we finally decided to just figure out how to get it into the kitchen, around 2 tight corners, with just 2 people.

The last step in this silly little puzzle was a skate for the fridge to live on – so we could scoot it around at will! So forward thinking of us!

Now it sits… collecting dust. We put all our bins of dry goods inside as a faux pantry for now. And Commie Fridge bides his time until his grand debut as the shinning container for all our produce ==> We can’t wait for yummy cold-pressed juices at Curio!


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