Kitchen Storage: Part II

I am firmly convinced wallpaper was created by a masochistic individual with a penchant for self-imposed cycles of art + craft + insanity, on repeat in a sticky paste of despair.

So, needless to say, we decided to wallpaper!

So far we have only accomplished 1 wall – and many lessons were learned. Like with color washing, I did quite a bit of research. One of the main take aways was to “book” the wallpaper for the amount of time noted on the wallpaper’s instruction sheet. Our “book time” was 5 minutes. Um, more like 5 seconds. Actually more like DON’T BOOK YOUR WALLPAPER. At least, don’t book our wallpaper… Maybe yours wants to be booked. “Book” means to apply the paste to the paper and then fold it in quarters, each end in toward the middle, so that the pasted sides are touching. This is supposed to keep the paste wet and allow the fibers of the paper to sufficiently open… happily accepting paste in thirsty, eager gulps until saturated (at 5 minutes) whence upon the carefree wallpaper hangers open up the book and gleefully apply the perfectly moistened paper to the wall.


What ends up happening INSTEAD is a mad dash from the application of paste on the paper to the wall itself, a desperate attempt to hang the paper while applying more paste to the wall (but not too much), all the while checking for level – watching the seams – wiping away excess paste (because now there is too much) – fixing edges – remembering you’re in love with the person next to you and this person is not the problem, the paper is the problem – hurrying to fix said problems… hurrying… hurrying!!

All in all, our wallpaper fiasco actually turned out alright. Like I said, we’ve only done one wall – and we learned a lot from it for future walls looming nearby. The wall in question for today’s post is the accent wall in our kitchen, the back drop for the shelves color washed in the previous post.

Preliminary steps:

Once your walls are prepared, get out the fun stuff! Our colors in the kitchen are vintage yellow, grey, silver and white. We chose this vintage yellow chinoise wallpaper with peacocks and flowers on a vine, our most “feminine” finish of the project. It brings me great joy! [Editor’s Note: “chinoise” is a French adjective meaning Chinese. It is also the name of the wallpaper.]

About half way through, we decided to stop booking the paper. This is because we ran into a little snafu where one of the panels was taking a bit longer than the others. The bottom half of the “book” was still folded together (as stated in the instructions) but, when we went to open the book, the “pages” were stuck together! When peeling them apart, the paper disintegrated and tore a bit. But the top half was already attached to the wall! Fortunately, we were able to salvage the panel. And, as luck would have it, we have since hidden the worst of it behind a shelf – never to be seen again! Many lessons were learned…

Next up: the union of the color washed shelves and the chinoise wallpaper!



  1. Jo

    Love this wallpaper and the “wallpaper learning curve”. I’ve found that all manner of mistakes and tears can be hidden if I’m just patient. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

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