Visitors’ Season in Full Swing @ Amber Lane!

It’s the start of Visitor Season here at Amber Lane!

We eased into things a la “Warmshowers” a few weeks ago. Warmshowers is an awesome platform for touring cyclists to find homes to shower, rest, eat, and/or stay the night. Here, people with common interests come together, share resources and swap stories… all organized via the ol’ Internet. We used the platform extensively in Europe in the summer of 2013 during our bike trip. And, then, during our New England hunt for a home for Curio, we used the platform again (sans bicycles). It was here we met our finest Northampton friends, Adam and Priscilla — a lovely duo who sold us on their quaint little town and followed it up with an awesome friendship once we officially moved here. So it only makes sense to give back a little to a site that’s given so much to us. We’d always planned to open our home to people on the Warmshowers site… but we figured we’d do that once we were a little more set up… ie once we could actually offer a warm shower… or even just a shower… (or a toilet). You know. The basics. But, as can happen, things got a bit out of order when this guy showed up on our lane!


Brian with his great gear set up – such a light bike!!

As many people do, he stuck his head in our front door to say hi and ask what we’re doing. Those conversations usually last a few minutes. A few hours later we were still talking! Turns out Brian is an architect from Toronto with a dream to transform his life via a crazy renovation project. So we had a lot in common! As the sun went down, we realized he’d missed his opportunity to bike out to an official camp site. Because of a strong dust allergy, he couldn’t stay at our place (though we did offer!) but he was able to find some wild camping nearby (pro tip: he might want to curb that allergy before the impending renovation he plans to undertake!). We bridged the gap by offering what we could – dinner! πŸ™‚

Our next visitor:


Unexpected! A glance out our window one morning reveled this gentleman snoozing in our yard! Must have been a long night.

And a couple weeks later:

Same spot. Different visitor. A baby bunny!! <3

Same spot. Different visitor. A baby bunny!! ❀

The bunny is still here – which is exciting! A pseudo pet in our wood pile. We’re considering our options moving forward. πŸ™‚

And, our most recent visitors:

Fitz' parents! Wayne and Jill!

Fitz’ parents! Wayne and Jill!

It was a whirlwind – as it seems people can never stop the momentum of their lives for long. But we crammed a lot into a day and a half! A tour of Smith campus – a driving tour of the area – a tour of Amber Lane (of course!) – a great brunch at The Green Bean (super yummy french toast!) – fresh baked bread from The Hungry Ghost – a homemade dinner at Amber Lane, complete with my newest recipe for Curio: vegan cacao nib + banana + oatmeal cookies. The spectacle of making the dinner was perhaps even more impressive to our visitors than the meal itself. After it was over, Jill said: “I’d offer to help you do the dishes. But I don’t quite understand how you even do them!”

Honest assessment. πŸ™‚

But, every day we move closer to sanity – closer to stable – closer to running water.

It was great to have a slice of home here at Amber Lane. A big thanks to Wayne and Jill for making the trek up. It was refreshing to be able to show off a little of our hard work to people to get it – and get what we’ve been up against. We’ve been in a vacuum here for so long. But, as Fitz pointed out, we do have a lot of visitors here at Amber Lane – all of you guys! Every time you visit our blog, you get a peek into what we’re doing – what we’re thinking – what hole we’ve dug for ourselves… and managed to climb back out of. It’s really pretty great to have so much support! From Facebook and WordPress comments – phone calls and emails – Skype.. your little cheers are heard loud and clear on this end and both Fitz and I say, wholeheartedly, THANK YOU! (and) KEEP ‘EM COMING!

And, when you can, swing by in person! If we have running water, it will be all the better… for everyone! πŸ™‚


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