My mouth feels like a jellyfish. I just had some cavities filled which, if you know anything about me, means lots of panic because of dark, anxious feelings surrounding the concept of “The Needle.” I’ve never had a cavity so there was also the fear of the unknown – which I’ve come to realize truly supersedes the fear of “The Needle.” The momentary prick of the needle was nothing – what finds impact is the fear that spreads with the ensuing numbness. “What is this feeling?” “How long will it exist?” “Why can’t I feel myself swallowing?” “Am I even still swallowing?” “What happens next?” “Exactly how big is this drill I hear of?” And etc.

It’s all in the mind – such a powerful part of who we are. The ability to both arrest and propel us at any given moment. If possible, I recommend hanging on to the moments of momentum and not letting the stillness and the choke of fear find a footing. It’s all in what we chose to emphasize. It’s just a little needle anyway.

Though life has hit a pretty steady rhythm as of late (design, tile, grout, repeat), we do manage to do things like go to the dentist. But – by and large – a “Typical” day for us might not be considered that commonplace for others. For example…

—> Around the House:

—> Just Beyond Our Doors:

—> Out in Public:

—> Up High + Down Low:

—> The Finer Points:

—> Slaying our Pile Animals:

—> And, OF COURSE:


eliza spelled backwards in action πŸ™‚


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