Buttoning Up “The Dish Pen”

My last post centered on the immense project of tiling the kitchen floor but many things were happening concurrently at that point. Over the next few posts, I’ll highlight the rest of the finishes happening in the kitchen leading toward the natural – but highly anticipated – conclusion: THE KITCHEN IS (by and large) DONE! A few finesse pieces still under tow – securing the final baseboards, touch up painting, another layer of grout on the baking table, some final floor tiles around the mop sink, and about 6 sq ft of wall tile in the utility closet. Those items drag on, stymied by our dawdling plumber, dwindling heat, and diminishing motivation to do annoying little things. In some ways it’s easier to jump into building a whole wall than it is to tile a square foot or mix up a spot of grout for a touch up.

Thank goodness Christmas break is right around the corner. I count the days til a brief respite!

This project has tumbled toward completion in fits and starts. I’ve been dutifully gathering pictures along the way. Try to keep up. πŸ˜‰

This past spring, after demo and rough plumbing, we set the first fixture in this dense little room: the floor sink. Waste water from 1 bay of our triple sink will dump into here – a precaution used when washing fruits and vegetables. You apparently need an “indirect waste pipe” so those those pesky little bacteria monsters don’t climb back up the sewer system and attack! Or something. I probably should have pictures of Fitz cutting a large hole in the floor decking but, instead, here are two pictures of me setting the sink.


Over the summer, we attended to a couple of other fixtures in this room: the grease interceptor and the triple sink. If you’re dying to re-live the initial cleaning of the grease interceptor, visit this post. After a few months of letting the trap air out on our fire escape, I brought it in one hot July afternoon and attacked it – with chemicals known to the state of CA to cut my life early. Thank goodness we’re in MA!

Our triple sink fits like a glove in the Dish Pen. The two were made to go together – well after 14 years of being used at “The Loose Goose” in Amherst. Yes, another used fixture. Hey – $250 vs. well… more. Note to anyone out there thinking about starting a business… buy used. BUY USED. Don’t listen to your contractors. Buy a new coffee grinder. Buy a used triple sink. Pick and choose where to spend the big bucks and you’ll have more bucks left over for everything you didn’t budget. πŸ™‚

Another summer project: the window between the dish pen and the bathroom. Fitz did a fantastic job designing the 2nd floor bathroom – focusing on fluted glass, bold rich colors and Art Deco styling. More to come on that room in a separate post but, the tie-in is the window below. Perhaps it may seem a little silly to put a window into a bathroom. But don’t worry, it’s just 1 of 5… well, 6 if you could the glass door. No shame at Amber Lane!

Next up, some yellow paint to echo the window and the planning for the wall tile:

Ok, finally ready to begin tiling (again!).

Next up, some of the more detailed work. Fitz framed an arched doorway between the kitchen and the pen. The tile work he did is quite lovely – it echos the brick archways outside our property and ties in the yellow theme with a “keystone” in honey onyx.

Finished! The yellow cap of paint is such a great choice. The white bullnose tiles are a perfect finish and it all ties together so nicely. Washing dishes is so much better in a yellow room!


The Dish Pen!

All we need now are some fixtures.


The Dish Pen before fixtures.

Enter: Joe The Plumber, for his best performance to date!

The triple sink and grease interceptor were Joe’s most complicated projects (although, since then, he swears the tub was just as confusing…). After he tied those in, he plumbed the second sink in the room and attached it to the food waste grinder. I don’t have a picture of that but will post one in due time. For now, we’ll contend ourselves with running water… and the inevitable leaky faucet. Solution pending. :-/


Fitz studies the leaking faucet. We’ll probably just have to install a new one. Put it on the list of things to do!



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