Guess what?

We’re avoiding winter!


Lei at Hawaii airport = Avocado at San Francisco Airport. Kind of… 😉

Yes, that’s right. We’re back in California, enjoying a healthy dose of balmy weather – adorable Asian children – and seven million projects simultaneously!

Unfortunately, I have been away from that “Bay Area Triumvirate” for too long and caught a terrible cold upon arrival. Boo! In recovery mode as we speak.

Our New Year kicks off to a rousing start as we – like many of you – reflect on what has happened and what happens next.


The How is as important as the What @ Flea Market in Pennsylvania

We strive to slow down.


Metered change @ Renninger’s Market in PA

Find ways to accomplish more with less.


To the point @ Curiosity Shoppe in Litiz, PA

And move through the projects we’ve taken on with grace, creativity, and perseverance.


Grace, Creativity and Perseverance or Lace, Leaves, and Feathers @ Another Antique Market in PA

Perhaps the best summary of our resolve comes from the fortune cookie we opened at our first lunch back here in the Bay:

“Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can.”

 Our Chinese-New-Year-Fortuate-Resolution! (And the Chinese word for banana is xiang jiao.)

We take note.

Between the Antiques in PA and the Avocados in CA, we fit in 3 days of Adventure in NYC. As we do!

New York City in early January.

Highlights, in brief.

2016 already feels different.

Closer up.

In focus, as we adjust focus.

With more avocados.


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