Livin’ in the 808

My blog has been pretty quiet the last couple of months, not because we’ve been slacking though. Precisely the opposite! Fitz and I spent the last couple of months back in the Bay, putting our new-found renovation, handy-person, designer skills to work on some projects that may make your head spin. I’m still reeling.

The first project took us to the Bay-side islands of Redwood City, CA – south of San Francisco, on the Peninsula, as we brushed elbows with our neighbors at Oracle (with their catamaran docked in their very own “harbor” – read “man-made pond next to the road”)… as well as Electronic Arts, law firms, rent-able office space, mediocre chain restaurants and juice joints, and $2++ million homes.

Ah, such is life in Silicon Valley.

We were hired to paint the interior of a home for a friend who is managing a property for sale on this hyper-priced, souped-up island. Well, paint… and… a few other things. Of course. Thus, begins Month 1 @ the 808.

Jason house2


Some shots of the main event: painting!

But, wouldn’t you know, in addition to painting, Fitz + Em are pretty skilled at some other “around the house” type jobs. In fact we had a list of 40 action items to complete on site… including installing GFCI outlets in the bathrooms and kitchen, fixing leaky faucets, replacing light bulbs, re-aligning binding doors, and so much more! (We are available for hire, at a mansion near you!)

Fitz cleans gutters!

Em replaces window screens!


Easier than we thought – all thanks to our trusty Spline Tool!

Fitz takes care of dead wildlife. Yikes!

Em steam cleans carpets!


Master Bedroom – overlooking the lagoon!

Fitz + Em wrap insulated duct work!

Then, if that wasn’t enough, we decided to tack on 2 additional projects. We painted the kitchen cabinets and attached new hardware… a seemingly benign task except that there were 30 doors and 11 drawers! Then, we researched, ordered, and installed all new appliances in the kitchen: fridge, double oven, electric cook top, and dishwasher… Good grief we were on a roll!

The kitchen before

And after!


The seeming serenity of this shot is entirely staged. The chaos of that afternoon’s installation process lurks in nearby shadows.


Lovely new stainless steel appliances and clean white cabinets!

So why did we do it?

Oh… many reasons. We needed a break from the cold, dark folds of Amber Lane. We got paid – a rare occurrence in our lives as of late! But, mostly, for the view! ❤

All-in-all, a wonderful way to spend a month. We learned A LOT… many new tricks up our sleeve for how to manage a project of this magnitude. And, boy do we know how to paint now! 🙂


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