Le Greenfield Bath House: Part I

Today was a big day. Fitz and I put up the first of the wall panels for the espresso bar! After 15+ months without walls in half of the downstairs, we’re slowly closing things back up – and, boy, does it feel good!

Last week I made an epic do-to list / timeline for the remainder of the project (Wayne, you’d be proud!). It’s exciting (and a little daunting) that we can encapsulate the end of this project within a relatively succinct list of projects. Right now we’re looking at the end of August for the end of the renovation. To accomplish this, we’ll stick to our current schedule of doggedly aggressive work sessions interspersed with violent bursts of forced time off. However, we’re also ear-marking parts of the project in which we can enlist the help of others, projects ranging from super complicated (so we should hire a professional and make this look good!) to super repetitive (so we could enlist the help of other worker bees to make this darn thing go faster!).

If you fit either category and are looking for an outlet, hit me up. We welcome the help!

What we don’t welcome is babysitting contractors, the seemingly inevitable dark side of “asking for help.” I kid you not, I have spent the last 25 days in constant communication with 2 of our contractors trying to get (1) hot water and (2) a wood stove… and WE STILL HAVE NEITHER. Fascinating, really… especially when the only hold up is out of our control. We do not look forward to the last few weeks of this project when we’re down to the wire and still hand-holding our contractors to the finish line. What do other, less involved, property owners do in these situations?! It’s a mystery.

Perhaps this is why Fitz and I have started moonlighting as contractors ourselves, in our Bay Area double life… where we paint multi-million dollar homes and renovate bathrooms from the 1980s.

…Leading me to the first of three short posts in which we boast of our recent “HGTV-style” bathroom makeovers in San Mateo, CA.

15 days. 3 bathrooms. 2 worker bees (1 with a bum wing…). Amazing, really. And a little insane.

Bathroom #1: Before

And After!


No more linoleum, dated heavy wood cabinets, or gold fixtures!

Just a little of the Middle:

1 down, 2 to go. Tired yet?


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