Le Greenfield Bath House: Part II

Next up in our three part Bay Area bathroom makeover series (15 days, 3 bathrooms, and just the 2 of us kids)…

Where the first bathroom was all about warmth, this one goes cool. We focused the design of the first bathroom around deep dark wood tones and indulgent oranges, greens and browns. Turning sharply for Bathroom #2, we emphasized serenity and contemporary clean lines… keeping the tone in grey, silver and white. This was many people’s “favorite” and there are elements I adore, especially our custom back splash / bottle shelf, but – I have to say – my heart lies with yellows and creams. I will never be a “cool girl.” πŸ˜‰

Here is Bathroom #2 Before:

And After!


And just a little of the Middle:

No pictures of a lot of the details because we were running in circles to finish.

The plumbing for this bathroom and the resulting custom back splash / shelf were incredibly complicated to pull off… not to mention the manufacturer sent 2 dysfunction parts for the vanity itself AND the light arrived broken. We almost killed ourselves trying to get the vanity to work. Good grief! 15 days to complete 3 remodels is one thing when all the stuff works, another thing entirely when stuff goes wrong.


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