Le Greenfield Bath House: Part III

Yes, three. THREE. Three little bathroom remodels all in one house. Enough to make your head spin… and ours definitely were by this point! We were silently wondering what happened to the “vacation” we’d been promised back in December… 😉 I tease. We brought this upon ourselves, as we do.

In many ways, the most complicated part of this bathroom remodel was… Alekos, Philein and Keith’s sweet 15-month old baby boy who loved to show off his recently acquired walking skills within the construction site. Not to mention, he had a penchant for picking up tools – not just ANY tools but the sharpest tools, the ones with the most chemicals, the ones most likely to forever maim 15-month old children. A mastermind at finding the perfect window of time to dart into a temporarily unlocked room, he was constantly being scooped up and removed from the work area.  By the end of the project, he’d taught himself to unlock doors and, with the strength of 10 babies, was lifting chairs out of the way – roadblocks meant to stop him – to get back to his tools and chemicals!

Lessons learned for next time! 🙂

I have less pictures of this room because, if Bathroom #2 was already coming down to the wire, we were now out on the jagged edges of whatever wire remained (!) by Bathroom #3.

This bathroom had the most demo – removing the closet and the ceiling soffit. Fitz came up with a great wood detail for the ceiling that perfectly solved an issue with a header we couldn’t remove (yikes!). Everyone was on the fence about whether or not we’d actually do this bathroom because of timing issues and, by the time we all decided it was a GO, we were severely behind in ordering the materials. In fact the vanity arrived at 6pm on the LAST DAY of the project, only after repeated calls to the delivery truck driver who couldn’t get his 28-foot truck up the tight turns on our Bay Area hill. So off we drove in Philein’s Lexus to grab the vanity from him ourselves, determined to get this project done if it killed us!

Bathroom 3 is the most Zen of the three remodels. We were hired to design and source the materials – as well as do the renovation work itself – on all the bathrooms. The house itself is mostly one level and neutral colors. We tried to bring a little personality into the bathrooms without being ostentatious. But, we can’t do boring… So we wove in unique charm and accents as we could. Bathroom 3 provided an interesting canvas with an angled tub (that was staying) and a ceiling soffit that echoed these weird lines. The ceiling was lower than the other rooms and the room had no natural light. So we opted for light coloring – ending up with one of my favorite paint colors of all times (!) for the wall, gorgeous white marble for the floor, and some lovely Scandinavian-esque accents throughout.

The 1 picture I have of Bathroom #3 (somewhat…) Before:


Fitz in a Soffit… and the Closet before final demo

And After!


More space!

And just a little of the Middle:

The fun little story for the wall accent tiles: Fitz found these maybe 2-3 years ago out in the Bay Area. A woman was giving them away for free so he scooped them up, thinking of Keith and Philein and their ever-present desire to remodel the bathrooms. Fast-forward to now and those pesky tiles were still underfoot, taking up space on the porch as they awaited their fate. We all almost forgot about them – especially because there weren’t very many – but then… as Fitz does, he spotted them and dove into an entirely unnecessary but gorgeous addition to the project! Did we need accent tiles on the wall? No. But, there they are – and everyone loves them! And, hey, who doesn’t love a free accent wall? 🙂

Whew! Thus concludes my 3-part Bay Area bathroom remodel series. We learned a ton from this experience: most specifically, how to work with people other than ourselves – a daunting prospect smoothed by years of deep friendship with this family. We learned how to balance someone else’s budget/preferences/concerns with our own industry knowledge, design aesthetic, and limitations. I gained a ton of insight on how to manage a severely constricted timeline. Every aspect of the project was scheduled out in advance on a chart and, as we moved along, we kept tabs on what took longer and what was unexpectedly quick. The natural microscope of an intensive project like this allowed us to find out a lot more about our natural rhythm in this field – and gave us a lot of food for thought for “next time.”

Ha. “Next time.” Let’s just get through this time, here @ Amber Lane!





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