Can We Say “Kitchen”… Again?

Back into the thick of it over here. Currently, plans are underway for a small “kitchen party” in a couple of weeks, to celebrate the completion of half of the upstairs! It will be so nice to sit with friends in our newly “finished” but still-a-construction-site kitchen and giggle over the relative absurdity of it all.

Though that leaves 3/4 of the building outstanding (for those of you doing the math), the spaces that are done were – by far – the most dense. The most plumbing – the most tiling – the most finishes per square inch. Whew! I shudder to reminisce.

So inch along we do!

Here is a recap of the walls in our kitchen, a Fitzpatrick-led project that wove its way into the folds of my 2-month battle with the floor tile. I moonlighted a presence at the end to grout… grouting curved tiles is not easy my friends (!) and we even enjoyed the company of my aunt for the first day of grouting.

Some shots of the tiling process and the geometric mastermind at work:

Not taking ALL the credit, but I did stop by to grout! šŸ™‚

Next up, I’ll post some pictures of what I’m calling the “kitchen bits”… all the little built-in details that make this place both functional and unique! (More unique?)




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