A Revisit of “Night” by Elie Wiesel

In memory of Elie Wiesel, I’ll share my post from January 26, 2013 – my thoughts and impressions after reading his beautiful and powerful “Night” in New York that winter.

Wiesel died on July 2 at age 87 at his home in Manhattan. A funeral was held for him yesterday – and today, in the New York Times, we can read a thoughtful and informative account of his life and impact on our collective understanding of the Holocaust and its aftermath.


I encourage you to read “Night” and keep our ability to ask questions alive and at the forefront of, what should be, a consistently urgent quest for peace.


Eli Wiesel, center, with his wife, Marion; their son, Shlomo Elisha; and Egil Aarvik, the chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986. Credit Bjoern Sigurdsoen/NTB, via Associated Press. Courtesy of the New York Times, 07/04/2016.


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  1. I read this book in high school. I had no idea he passed away a couple days ago. That book tore my heart to shreds and made me cry even hours after I finished reading it. It led me to two solid months reading Holocaust related books. He was a revolutionary writer whose book should be read for the next generation. His memory should be kept alive!

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