Onto the Walls We Go!

Happy Independence Day! To celebrate being American, yesterday Fitz and I visited “Big Box City” – our name for Hadley, MA – and spent the day drenched in mass consumerism. It was a particularly dense day of purchasing – and we both found the mounting hoard in the back of the Scion amusing (if not a little terrifying/embarrassing) as we recounted the list of places we’d been: Hadley Flea Market (a WONDERFUL new addition to our lives – such a trove for little treasures!) where we focused on planters and things that could be turned into planters… After 2 1/2 hours of sunshine and no water, we stumbled away with a few trinkets and sought respite at Trader Joe’s and their infamous “sample station.” We were aptly rewarded with french vanilla ice cream, cherries, and lemonade. Hey, thanks guys – that hit the spot!

After loading up on groceries for us and back stock for the cafe (a new trend in our lives – start the buying of long-term goods now so the sting is less later on), we continued to Stop&Shop for more of the same… Goodwill for more of the other same… Home Depot as per usual… Aldi… Whole Foods… Trader Joes again because we’d forgotten something… the Hadley Garden Center… and would have gone to Lowes if it wasn’t on fire… Not kidding. (Everyone is ok, we think. But the garden center was certainly closed!)

As my life winds on and we move away from Northampton, close the “arts cafe chapter” and immerse ourselves in whatever next adventure (don’t worry – not yet!), I know I’ll always think back to our Big Box City trips with fondness. There’s just something about these hits of capitalism that never cease to amaze and intrigue both of us. Coming from San Francisco where mass consumerism doesn’t even EXIST, where cars are an anomaly, and long-term planning is so “un-hip” – a day spent driving around buying stuff for the house is a crazy thought – meant for old, boring people like parents in suburbs somewhere where corn is grown. [I tease, Mom & Dad!] Certainly the cool kids aren’t doing it, can’t do, honestly – actually – can’t afford to do it! So, to move here, and jump into the middle of a lifestyle where Sunday is meant for just that, makes us both smile. We embrace it in the same way we embrace a day chilling in Dolores Park with Bi-Rite ice cream or wandering through the Mission thrifting.

I think it’s all cut from the same cloth in this crazy patchwork quilt someone thought to call America. For, bless the day we became free enough to do these silly little things.

Speaking of silly little things, let’s put some wood up on the walls!

Remember the hoard of wood from Westfield? Well, it won’t put itself up!

As I explained in my last post, we got several different kinds of trim from Westfield. Fitz – impressively – organized it all by himself back at the Lane. It then sat, relatively undisturbed, for several months until we were ready to implement. –> As a side-note, we had momentarily considered holding off on renovating this room until after the cafe was open. While an interesting idea in theory, I wonder who would have done the work – and when… Not to mention, where would this stuff have gone in the interim? 🙂


Yes, it’s that bad!

So, instead, we jumped in the deep end. Let’s start by organizing the “wall wood.”

And now to the walls themselves.

Baseboards will trim out the bottom of the wainscoting. To conserve wood (somehow still necessary even with the huge stash downstairs!!), we didn’t drop every board to the ground – just enough to provide nail points for the baseboards.

2 walls got the low wainscoting – later to be trimmed out in a chair rail. The third wall got the full treatment !

And the best part?

Looking from one room into the other and seeing them meet! How amazing to see 2 concepts come to life and intersect!


Looking from the kitchen into the library. Still can’t believe it!

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