What a Wonderful World

Summer is blazing here and we plan our days around the position of the sun. Outside projects before 10am or after 3pm – with a required finish of about 8:30pm unless we want to continue (and we have) by the (very bright!) flash light on our cell phone. We’re plodding along in the Espresso Bar now – working on a motley crew of projects. The bar itself is cleared off for, perhaps, the first time since it was built! And we’re getting down to the wire in terms of final decisions on material and design – trying to figure out pricing, delivery fees, installation costs, and trimming as we go. I mean financially but we’ve done our fair share of physical modifications to the project too. There has been a lot of “Why on earth did we do THAT?” lately. We scratch our heads and wonder what Year-Ago-Fitz-and-Em were thinking… In our defense, we were dealing with a lot of unknowns as we built the bar. Now, in real time, we hold materials in front of us – with a better understanding of the business and a better handle on how to build things – and we can see ways to do it, well, better. So we make little cuts here, a nip there, and it all slides into place.

As per usual, I’m a room behind on the blog so… Next up on the Library chopping block: wallpaper!

Research indicates the world is NOT flat. I would tend to agree. But, when you are wallpapering the world onto a wall, you have to suspend facts for just a minute. There are 2 hemispheres – and 2 walls. Easy enough? If the walls were equal length – and equal in length to the material – then YES! But if one wall is 25 feet long and one is 15 feet long (and the hemisphere on paper is only 13 ft long)… then, you’ve got some decisions to make. And, last time I checked, the world doesn’t “repeat” every 21 inches like regular wallpaper. So you can’t just rearrange at will!

Needless to say there were some facts and figuring:


Trying to figure out how to take over.

We did figure it out – after a couple of days and several dozen iterations. The trick was in the windows! You, obviously, don’t put wallpaper across windows so, with the help of islands no one has heard of and that expansive blue stuff covering the map, we were able to stitch together a version of the world that, to the naked (and geographically challenged) eye, seems continuous.

I mean, who really knows what Greenland looks like anyway? Or how big the East Siberian Sea actually is? (And, if you come here, you still won’t!)

It looks so effortless once it’s up, doesn’t it? But each panel was a fight. In their largest, they are 38″ wide. Often we avoided having to put up a full panel because of the incessant windows in the room. But, when we weren’t so lucky, putting a panel 41″ x 38″ up on the wall is not easy!

I’ll agree with Louis Armstrong on this one… what a wonderful world it is!


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