Olive That

A quick post to recount one of the next steps in the Library project: painting our ceiling!

Sloped. With weird little ribby things. Trying to paint over our staircase cavity. You know, the usual hiccups.

But the cool part is the paint color! We knew we wanted to use green because green = library, right? But we needed it to be palatable and not too dark. Olive sounded lovely so away we went —> but not to the store. No! To our utility closet! And our strange hoard of paints that mysteriously collected and multiplied over the last year.

With a list of paints we knew we’d never use and a paint swatch as a goal, we set out to make Olive with “All of That” left-over paint. And ended up with a Fitz + Em Original Paint Color: Olive That!

But, when you’re mixing your own paint color, you’re not using little concentrated drips of paint to achieve success… you’re dumping in whatever you have to make it happen. So, needless to say, we ended up with a bit more Olive That than we intended… 🙂

Onto the ceiling we go!


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