Amber Lane Cup Warming!

Creatures of habit – that’s what we all are in the end, aren’t we?

After 2 years of renovating Amber Lane, I’m finding the transition out of this phase just as uncomfortable and confusing as the transition IN. All of a sudden, I apparently identify as someone who does construction. I’m most comfortable in my “renovation outfit”… surrounded by power tools… going to Home Depot… and spending my down time discussing the next design to implement.

Computers? Paperwork? Administrative work? … Not to mention: espresso machine? Baking? Menu creations?

Haha, oh man! Didn’t see that one coming!

But, someday this renovation does have to end — or at least cease to be the center of my universe. And there’s nothing better than a party to force that change of pace!

Bring in the family!

First, a practice run:

Pizza night with my dad + Kathryn; Fitz’s mom + Wayne; my lost-lost brother + Caitlin; and my sister. A perfect meal to enjoy our library!


Jen is missing from the pic – but her jacket sneaks in at the edges!

Next up, the main event!


A perfect day for a Cup Warming! Photo by Robin Thorton.

With minutes to spare and a family frayed to its last few threads… we set the stage for a lovely evening, celebrating with a wonderful assortment of guests from the Pioneer Valley and beyond!

Amber Lane was filled to the brim with love from friends and family!

So, yes, we did it! Amber Lane is finally warm! In more ways than one. 🙂


Our first fire – started AFTER the party, just in case there were complications. 😉

Don’t fret if this seems sudden to you too! We still have a bunch on the ol’ to do list before opening our doors to the (real) public. And I’m not letting myself off the hook on telling the “best of” stories from the first floor renovation. Stay tuned for posts about the build out of our Staircase — Bar — Gallery — and Girls Bathroom. So much to tell!



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