14 Pictures of a Window

But who’s counting, really?

It’s exactly 4 weeks until Christmas.

But, again, who’s counting? Not Fitzpatrick, apparently. Good ol’ Mr. Grinch is sitting in front of the fire over here, with his arms crossed, telling me that the best part of the holiday is before it happens – the anticipation of the event. And that a count down to Christmas Day does nothing to bolster our joy Day Of. Instead, it serves only as a larger let down. Or something to that effect…

Anyway, I certainly digress. 🙂

So now we’re in this funny space in Blog Land where the jig is essentially up. To date, I’ve been able to pretend that the stories I’m writing you are happening Right Now. I’ve pulled the wool over all your eyes: pretending that I simply roll out of bed every morning – hair perfectly set – ready to crank out a Pinterest-worthy renovation or two – and that, in the evenings, I blog by candlelight, feverishly recording the best of my day’s activities… all before settling into a restful 8 hours of sleep. Ready to repeat it all again on the next, perfectly orchestrated, Day.

Oh wait, you haven’t gotten that impression thus far? Hmmmm.

Well anyway, I’ve, at least, put the Party Cart before the Horse… Or something to that effect…

Am I digressing again?

No! I’m trying to wind this post around to say to you: You know we’re basically done with this renovation. I know you know we’re basically done with this renovation. But you don’t know ANY stories about the first floor. And I KNOW you don’t know any stories about the first floor. I have a whole folder of blog-ready stories, waiting to be told. And even if you’re one of the lucky few who ruined it all by peeking – I mean coming to the party I invited you to – you still keep coming back to my blog, don’t ya?

Why are you doing that?

Is it because you still want stories of how things came to be?!

Hooray! I appreciate that you care, that you take the time to read a bit – look at some pictures – and marvel at it all with us. Because that’s what this blog has really settled on being: a catch basin for marvelous creations we would otherwise forget to appreciate once they come into being.

So, let’s appreciate – together – 14 Pictures of a Window.


Before: The North Side of Amber Lane, in the Library, sans ANY windows!

Downstairs in our Gallery, we installed a HUGE window (10 feet x 4.5 feet)… a story for another post… In doing so, we took out a regular sized window – slightly larger (for some unknown reason) than our other windows. Up in our Library, we decided to re-purpose this window on the north side of the building where there aren’t any windows – to overlook our awesome honey locust tree. The window’s slightly bigger dimension is masked by 2 factors in our favor: the ceiling slopes in the room so we installed the bigger window on the taller ceiling side; and, with no other windows on that side of the building, it looks just fine from the outside too!

But, installing a window is no simple feat. Amber Lane’s north side is buttressed by 3 layers of brick – enough to call in the big guns!

So, then we had a hole in our building. Not the first and certainly not the last! But, still, an unsettling feeling. Better close it up quickly!

There were a few hiccups in this project: namely, we asked for an inch of additional width per side, for our brick molding on the outside of the building. The mason didn’t do this. In fact, he cut an opening pretty much EXACTLY the size of the window – not even accounting for a simple 1/4″ per side that is mandatory to level / hang any window or door! (Even I know that!) So, in the end, we had to jam the window into the rough opening – pray for near-level (answered in the affirmative) – and then just go with it. Fortunately, our molding still worked on the outside of the building and, while it doesn’t look 100% like the other windows, we don’t have a side-by-side comparison on that side of the building. Whew!

And, at the end of the day, we DO now have a lot of lovely light in our library – and a view of our honey locust tree!


Awesome “After” shot… dust makes for magically photography… 😀



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