14 Steps to New Stairs

What’s the best way to transition from the second floor to the first?

Take the stairs!

Step 1: Remove the stair treads.

Step 2: After weighing all our options, we decided to remix our old stair treads. And, as per usual, this proved to be the most difficult (in some ways) but the most creative option by far! Other options included buying new – or using the old oak treads we saved from the house out in Westfield. New treads are a bit costly and, in their own way, created a few headaches. The oak treads were a good option but we didn’t have enough or a way to access more of the same dimension. Alas…

Step 3: New risers to match our cement board walls in the Bar. And, yes, during this ENTIRE process we didn’t have stairs…

Step 4: Now to jazz up the stair treads themselves!

Step 5: More jazz.

Step 6: Stain!


Putting a black ebony stain on the treads.

Step 7: Next up: mica power and polyurethane!

Step 8: Over half way there! Now for the fun stuff. Remember those little dents Fitz was hammering into the treads a few steps back? Those were the grooves for some custom aluminum plates we’re putting on these little guys. Get out the spray paint and say goodbye to boring mute greys (for once!).

Pretty cool, eh?


14 custom pieces for our 14 steps!

Step 9: Now, to attach. A multi-step process in itself. First, we had to bend the aluminum to shape using our trusty dowel rod…


Easier said than done as metal has a mind of its own…

Step 10: Next up, a bead of glue as the initial attachment.

Step 11: Next on the roster: nailing! And those nails better look as cool as the aluminum!

Step 12: Tired yet? Now we have to nail the underside!

Step 13: Almost there! Now, to seal in the color. 7 million coats of polyurethane later…

And the final step: Installation!

Haha and… as per usual… I don’t have a “final shot” but there ya go! 14 steps to 14 steps!

And you were wondering why this renovation has taken so long… 😀


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