Liminal Hawai’i!

We haven’t fallen off the face of the earth but we got pretty close!

Fitz and I were fortunate enough to spend the last few weeks in Hawai’i, visiting my brother and his wife and enjoying a much needed break.

We’re back to the daily grind now – slogging away at some of the less glamorous details left to launch our cafe: ordering our juice bottle from China (deposit has finally been placed!); designing the screen printed label (almost done!); designing and writing our website (endless arguments as we attempt to stay focused); and a barrage of other small projects that appear as blips on our radar, only to be quickly crossed off in the face of more to come.

We are lucky to be doing all of this in the serene south, cradled in the lap of luxury at my parents’ home in South Carolina. No scary winter for us! Not if we can help it. No, my dear readers. We are hiding from Amber Lane as long as we can… waiting to re-enter that sharp, chaotic landmine until we absolutely have to rip the band aid off and return. It sits in chilly, dusty disarray – waiting for our final touches as we rev the engines toward open.

And open we will! We’re getting SO excited for that phase of this project. After Hawai’i, we spent 2.5 jam-packed days (yes, days! Never long enough!) in the Bay Area – one of which was spent with our family at Ritual Coffee Roasters. The wise women at Ritual had lots to say in their pep talk to us. We listened with mounting excitement for what we’re about to do… possibly because their belief in us means we might just make it and possibly because we were so jazzed on coffee we couldn’t think straight. Either way, with every sentence we finalize for the website – every graphical element that slides into place – every successful cake or pastry I crank out of whatever oven I’m near – we’re that much closer to Day 1.

This phase is liminal (a new word we just learned meaning “occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold”) but in it we must remain… for now.

First up:


Two weeks on O’ahu, spending time with my brother and Caitlin… my mom… Madelyn… and, of course, my Bobo! Hiking – oceans – beaches – sunsets – Chinatown – coffee outings – and a turtle!

Then a quick flight to the Big Island where we spent 2 glorious days feasting our eyes one of Earth’s most impressive feats: the Volcano. Hiking in the jungle – through a crater – along lava flows – by steam vents and sulfur banks – to the caldera where we saw the glow of the lava lake – and to the ocean where we saw a tube of lava literally pouring into the water. Warm springs – snorkeling – green sand beaches – a friend of a friend – and panoramic views everywhere. Amazing!


Lava monster!

And then a short hop in a 9-seat plane (!) to Maui where we really ramped up the “speed tourism” with just shy of 2 days of sight-seeing. Comprehensive beach viewing: broad daylight, at sunset, in the moonlight, in the dark, and in the early morning light. Super yummy Ramen. A comedic camping trip at the end of the winding Road to Hana. Our FAVORITE beach ever. And 2 stops at Krispy Kreme to use their Internet (?!).


Sunset Hawai’i!

A whirlwind trip to say the least!

And guess what, kids?! If you liked those pictures, here are 279 more!!ApdYmGu8uct-hhIlr8lXasK4vBQ5



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