In Like a Lion and Don’t Stop Roaring!

I have a spreadsheet sitting on my desktop right now called “Timeline to OPEN”. It’s a dense map. It’s color-coded. There are deadlines in bold. Targets to hit. Action items to accomplish. Decisions to make. Ideas to wrestle down and solidify. 3 years of brainstorm have left quite the cloud of possibility brewing above our heads. And we couldn’t be more ready to “make it rain”! Uh… sorry, couldn’t resist.

A-n-y-w-a-y. I feel READY if, at the same time, scared. And scarred.

Scared: Dream —> Reality. You know, that type of thing.

Scarred: We head back to MA tomorrow, into the thick of it – where the sharp things hide in the shadows. Where stuff is heavy and complicated. Where “digging in” means literally grabbing a shovel and carving out a tunnel. Where “rolling up your sleeves”; “blood, sweat, and tears”; “doing the dirty work”; and any other pictorial euphemism for hard work mean exactly what they imply – and we have the pictures to prove it (even if not the time to write the blog posts!).

9 weeks. 9. Goals mean more when you tell other people. March 1 —> May 3. OPEN DOORS. SELL ITEMS TO PUBLIC.

I was looking through renovation pictures this morning to find a couple for this post – something to capture the convoluted weight of this amazing responsibility + incredible opportunity. The duality of Amber Lane. Her lightness + her darkness. The Lamb + the Lion.

Summer 2016: Cutting soapstone for the Bar.

Summer 2016: Just beyond the padded walls.


Dying ivy fighting back along a golden wall.

And what can happen when you take moment to just look up:


Massachusetts summer sunset.

It’s all there, waiting for us to return – to jump in – to make it happen.

(…These guys are waiting too.)


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