Soapstone + Week 2 Update

We survived yesterday’s storm! 22″ of snow in a day, a week shy of spring. No problem.

It wasn’t even really a “snow day” for us because a snow day typically implies being at home with your loved ones… in front of a roaring fire… working on projects “around the house.” That’s kind of every day around here. Sort of. Glorified…

I joked with Fitz that every Guillotine Tuesday will hit with equal severity if we continue to not get all our projects done! And, who knows, I may be right. A blizzard EVERY Tuesday until we open, just to ensure we’re hitting our marks. Yikes! We better get back on track.

Track —> right, so. We’re on the track still. Limping along. I do see some other ponies ahead of us. It’s hard to judge distance in the haze of the “dust up” they create. A nice man did stop by, mid race, to offer to “put us out of our misery” …. and it sounds appealing. But… there’s a glint in his eye that makes me think a lame pony put out of its misery may no longer trot merrily around the track. I heard that somewhere.

So, instead of giving up – and giving in to The Man – we are rallying! Yes, my friends, we’re fighting on! Against deadlines we aren’t making and toward an end that will come. I was just telling a friend of mine this morning that, while we aren’t hitting all our deadlines, I don’t feel behind schedule. So, that’s either reassuring or blissfully naive. We’ll see…

We are accomplishing a lot and have a lot of balls rolling at once – all projects are “started” – the communication lines we have open in China right now (for wholesale purchase) are STAGGERING. I am currently balancing James – Erin – and John in China with Javed in India… all for different items we’re buying for the cafe. And that doesn’t include the US-based purchases on eBay etc. Samples are flying… deposits are being made… final designs implemented… And on we go!

For this week, I’ll continue with stories from the Bar. Up this week: everything Soapstone! Soapstone ended up being the perfect stone for our cafe… a dusty gray/black color, muted, durable, and just sciency enough. Also, for some reason, multiple people gave us soapstone… for free. So, you know, just go with what’s given!

Up first:

Bistros at the 2 front windows for our lovely customers!

This started with the construction of what we call “the statue shelf.” It will be an interesting little nook for someone to display a kick ass sculpture once we’re open! Yes, dear local sculptor, we are thinking of YOU before we’ve even met you. Yay!

It’s also the perfect “join up” for the 2 window sill bistros we’re constructing – at 2 different heights.

Next up, a BUNCH of soapstone cuts.

Followed by some good ol’ mortar:

Voila! (Minus the finishing touches, of course.) Always with the finishing touches…


Now that we’re soapstone professionals, we jumped full on into the rest of the bar. A “highway” for serving customer drinks – and the sink console for our hand wash sink… as well as more window sills in the Bar and Gallery. This is messy business! And SUPER difficult to ensure you don’t break a piece mid-cut. We had to call in reinforcements in the form of our neighbor, Laura… to help hold the pieces. Fitz cut using the angle grinder. I used the spray bottle to apply consistent water and held one edge. Laura held the other edge. Even 1 tiny mis-step in keeping the stone level will mean a break. All hands on deck for this epic day of soapstone geometry!

















But one of our limbs is a little lame. They’re threatening to send us out of our misery and it seems tempting… but there’s


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