A Yard, in Four Parts. Part 1: The Trash Wall

Hello! We are running in a MILLION directions right now, more than usual even. But we’re hanging in there. And I’ve promised many of you some long-awaited updates. I was going to do a separate “family and friends” album and share all these pictures there – rapid fire. But what are pictures without the story? So, instead, I’m going to jam 4 blog posts into one morning.

Green tea and a chocolate croissant by my side. For you, I’d suggest a couple of cups of coffee and maybe a sandwich part way through. Ready? Go!

What do you do when you’re 85% of the way through a renovation? Finish? No! Start the yard! As a lot of you know, we’ve been working on Amber Lane Parklet since last fall. If you haven’t heard about this project, check out our Facebook Page: Amber Lane Parklet. This is a project we’re working on in collaboration with the City of Northampton, taking an under-utilized piece of land near our building and developing it into a small (but mighty) public park! We have donated the labor and design – as well as some of the materials. And we’ve reached out to numerous area businesses for additional donations. It’s been QUITE the under-taking but I’m happy to report that we’re nearly finished!

Along the way we’ve gotten to know many of our neighbors, met new people in the community and gathered quite a fantastic roster of supportive businesses who believe in the same good stuff we do! I’ve also learned how to lay a patio – and then 3 patios – and started down the long and winding path of “avid gardener”. The project snowballed, as they do… but let’s start at the beginning.

It’s an unlikely beginning actually. The commandeering of the side yard.

So, back up a year…

We had this chaos pit of a side yard.


What even is the point of the fence on the right?!

(I’m already done with my croissant. I need to type faster!)

Wait a minute, I think maybe back up a year and a half? That picture totally looks like fall. Let’s position ourselves in October 2015. Jesus pete.

Chaos pit – side yard. Weird falling down fence. Unnecessary bushes. Pointless saplings with no hope for a future. And our need to store wood – for future projects (?), for a hypothetical future wood stove (good idea a year later, Em + Fitz!)… who knows. But the fence needed help and we decided to build a shed.

With new land at our disposal, we then build a really shoddy shed.

This was created as a temporary solution, a quick fix to button up the over-flow of wood at Amber Lane. Wood we maybe still needed but couldn’t deal with any longer inside! And it served us well, as temporary shoddy sheds do, until it basically fell apart.

The End of Part I of The Yard.




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