The Yard, Part II: The Copper Table

Just as Part I was a little unexpected, so is Part II.

I’m working chronologically for this four-part series – which is neither a great representation of time or logic. But, nonetheless, is the story in full.

So, next up we built a 7-foot copper table.

We also did this over a year ago with – I’m serious here – only vague notions of where it would go. You see, the thing is, we had a TON of copper left over, and it was taking up a lot of space. We initially purchased the copper for our espresso bar countertop but, later, changed our minds… as you do during a 2.5 year renovation. Now our espresso bar is brass (and awesome!) and copper became our outside accent. See my recent post on our Gallery window for our first foray into copper.

Step 1: Build the substrate.

Step 2: Design a really elaborate custom bench system you will later scrap, entirely… when you move the copper table to a different place and buy a whole bunch of other chairs… Who is in charge here?!

Step 3: Lay the copper.

Step 4: Trim it out!

Ok, whew! With that out of the way we can store the table top at our very handy storage area and proceed with the next year of our lives. <ahem>

So: we’re half way through the 4-part series… but no where near half way through the story. I recommend starting the second cup of coffee now. But save your sandwich for after Part III! đŸ˜‰


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