The Yard, Part IV: Unexpected Side Yard

If you haven’t finished your sandwich, you can keep munching as you read Part IV. This Part ties it all together so, if you thought we were crazy during Parts I and II, now you’ll see there was always — never?! — a master plan.

Remember The Trash Wall and The Copper Table? (You just read about them.)

[Side note by Editor: the “trash wall” is a terribly confusing name and I’m only now realizing this… at post 4 of 4. See, it was called the “trash wall” because in version 2.5 we were going to build a new shed to hold our wood for the wood stove and our trash cans for the cafe. We were going to build the wall out of the view blocks. Thus, for a long time, the project was called “The Trash Wall.” It now is none of those things – but the name remains.]

Ok, so the trash wall was falling down… we knew this would happen. It was shoddily made. A temporary solution. We always knew we’d make a better one when we had more time – after we opened, maybe. But, then, we decided – awww the heck with it – let’s just get it out of the way now. This yard looks like a bomb went off. No customer wants to look at that!

So we started digging

And… then we found… asphalt?!


Uhhhh. Unexpected.

Under 4+ inches of dirt. Remember how the wooden fence used to be at a diagonal? Well, maybe that’s because it was following some old parking lot line? Who knows, so weird.

For some reason, finding this asphalt changed EVERYTHING. Although, you and I both know at this point it was just meant to be. Finding the asphalt made us think more about the yard. About its highest potential. About the copper table that didn’t have a home. About our future customer. About the awesome honey locust tree. About the lack of outside seating in downtown Northampton. So, 4″ down in dirt, we looked at each other in the dying light and… changed directions entirely!

We got a bunch of pavers off Craig’s List:


Moved all the wood that was supposed to go in our shed (there’s no more shed):


Part of wood pile.

And, basically created mass chaos on this public sidewalk for about a week:


As we built an awesome three tiered sitting area and garden!! What?!

Now… about that 7 foot table we made? That one that really didn’t have a good place to go?


Well, how about we put it… here?

Next up: We set the table (in the ground, silly!) and starting laying the pavers for the patio(s):

This is why you haven’t heard from us!!

Then on to some fun plantings… an orange azaela, a yellow and green plant, some grass seed in the view blocks, a few transplantings of vinca, mulching… bird bath placement… other miscellaneous steps… way too much digging, sweeping, and hauling.

And here she is: The Unexpected Side Yard!


A yard! I’ve never done a yard! I’ve never done a renovation! Now —> let’s open a cafe! I’ve never done that either!


So much to exclaim about!



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