about me

[Chinatown, Manhattan, NY]. By Sean.

[Chinatown, Manhattan, NY]. By Fitzpatrick.

My name is Emme, variously spelled. I have a special person who recently re-cast himself as Fitzpatrick and a bear named Miles. My middle name is Azile. That’s Eliza spelled backwards.

Until late 2011 we lived in San Francisco – an absolutely amazing city to call home. Then we discovered Travel. After a few years – and a few more attempts at calling San Francisco home – we officially Moved. As of November 2014, we live in a two-story brick carriage house in downtown Northampton, Massachusetts. This building exists as the container for our grand ideas, and we exist to fill it. Over the next few months we’ll be stumbling over our ideas and each other as we bring it all together in our new business venture — an art and event space featuring a coffee/espresso bar, cold-pressed juices, and baked goods. From the drywall to industrial kitchen to the marketing to the recipes to the art on the walls, we will stubbornly and lovingly be doing it all ourselves.

In addition to starting new businesses and renovating buildings built in 1800… I entertain other shiny objects in my field of view. My brain and heart are scattered. I like and love lots of things, all at the same time, in an assortment of directions, to varying degrees. Current things I find fascinating: Mandarin, improvisation, the written word, Paris, movement in its purest form, soft pretzels, warm socks and puffy vests. The list winds on to include things like antiques, vintage clothing, colors, buttons and string – at which point I get distracted and go get a cappuccino.

“eliza spelled backwards” is a catch-all for this paint splatter. Perhaps, with a little organization and perspective, I’ll settle down a particular path. Or, perhaps, I’ll go insane.


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